Carl Marcum, owner of Code Builders, has been an active Apache OpenOffice committer. former Podling Project Management Committee member during incubation, and current Project Management Committe member at the Apache Software Foundation. This makes us one of a few companies that are uniquely qualified to provide quality extensions for OpenOffice.

OpenOffice offers a complete framework allowing it to be enriched. OpenOffice allows for both "extensions" and "templates". An extension is a third party tool that brings AOO new functions. This can be done through addons, addins, deployed by UNO packages. Templates are document setups designed for specific uses.

We can provide extensions to add functionality or customize OpenOffice to suit individual needs.
Some previous projects include:

Scenario 1

An equipment manufacturer used a spreadsheet application to display current part and repair pricing to service companies...

Problem 1
Update an outdated 2 addin written in C to Apache OpenOffice 3 for use in all supported operating systems.
We recreated the addin in Java using the AOO plugin for NetBeans to create an new addin usable by all operating systems.
Problem 2
Improve database query performance of a Calc addin written in C.
The previous application opened one database connection per spreadsheet row. We used Java JDBC connection pooling to create a solution resulting in a 10x increase in performance over the previous application.

Scenario 2

A large chain restaurant owner wanted to use MS Office documents with OpenOffice instead of MS Office in approximately 2000 restaurants.

Problem 1
Filesystem access need to be limited. Save, Save As, and Open commands could only be from "C:MyDocuments" directory or below and limited to "Word", Excel", and "Powerpoint" file types.
We created an extension to replace the standard Save, Save As, and Open commands with commands to only allow saving to "C:\My Documents" directory or below.
Problem 2
OpenOffice and custom extensions needed remotely installed to all stores.
We created a complex solution that included:
  • Creating a custom silent-installer that included the "bundled" extensions that are not removable by a user.
  • Modifying the OpenOffice installation's configuration files.
  • Included a batch file to create the "My Documents" directory and run msiexec with options for setting OpenOffice as default for the MS file formats and copy extensions into the proper location.
  • Included an extension to disable the "first start wizard" that prompts users for things like user name, company, etc during the first app launch.
Problem 3
Issues with import of CSV files exported from Microsoft Office into OpenOffice due to non-standard use of quotes and commas.
Replace Open command to intercept the opening of CSV files and parse into XLS format bypassing OpenOffice import dialog box and settings.

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